Sunday, March 08, 2009

Newscaster Bloopers

Katie Couric on Letterman last Monday night told a story about some mid west news station that reported on an impending snow storm. (It snowed in NYC last Monday so this was partially relevant). Katie explained that one evening the weatherman was warning of a heavy snow storm the next day. When the team returned the next day for the evening newscast the snow had not materialized, and in passing over to the weatherman for his report, the blond newscaster asked "So, Joe what happened to the 8 to 10 inches you promised me last night."

Which reminded me about a news story about a fast ball pitcher who it was said could throw a ball through a car wash so fast the ball wouldn't get wet. When they came back to the news desk one of them said "well, I guess he must have the cleanest balls in baseball".

I think in both cases they had to go to commercial. We'll be right back.


Adam Hodgkin said...

You surely know the case of the famous British Cricket Commentator, Brian Johnson who had a posh voice and a rather schoolboyish sense of humour. Lovely man. The West Indies had a fearsome fast bowler 15/20 years ago called Michael Holding and the English team, which in those days was regularly trounced by the West Indies, had a plucky batsman called Peter Willey. So Brian Johnson was able to say in his proper and po-faced accent
....the bowler is Holding, the batsman is Willey....
Which everyone heard as "The bowler is holding the batsman's willie." Giggle, giggle. (Willie in English schoolboy slang being 'Penis').

PersonaNonData said...

I actually have a picture in the PND family archive of me aged around 3 sitting in a sand pit with Brian Johnson helping me put sand in a bump truck. He even signed the photo. As far as I can remember he was on his best behavior.