Thursday, June 12, 2008

Speaking of Desperation

Border Stores investor William Ackerman is providing some color commentary on the Borders sale process. As a major investor in Borders (over 30%) he is trying to gin up some interest in the bizarre idea that should buy Borders. Is there really so little interest that this idea is posited?

Handicapping the buyers:

Private Equity buy: Pershing to take it private 1:2 Odds on Favorite

Some other PE firm: 3:1 (Pacific Equity Partners, Others)

Follett Stores: 5:1 (Borders would be a good match with Follett College and a concern for B&N/ B&N College)

BAM: 7:1 (Interesting match with BAM store locations. Combo would would be impressive)

Indigo Books & Music: 7:1 (No where to go in Canada what better opportunity will there be to become a bigger more significant player - could be the dark horse).

B&N: 33:1 (Similar odds to the winner of the Belmont so anything's possible. Probably not a real contender unless Borders goes Chapter 11 then they can renegotiate the leases).

Ingram 100:1 (Would they try this again? The environment is significantly different than 1999 but this is a long shot).

WH Smiths: 200:1. They just got out of this market so unlikely they would get back in.

Target: 200:1

Walmart: 500:1

Amazon: 1000:1 (Maybe worth a flutter).

Well that was fun...

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