Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cramer Hates Media

Jim Cramer comments on the media business in the Hollywood Reporter:

"I hate media stocks."...."The world got changed by two companies," he says. "Apple is taking away the profitability of TV, and Google is taking it away in print. And it's never going to reverse." In the near term, Google is the bigger villain."It's just a parasite," he says. "It doesn't create content, it steals it, borrows it, shares it. It's no secret that print media is in trouble. It's why Gannett has gone from $80 a share in 2001 to less than $30 nowadays and why the New York Times has gone from $50 to less than $19 in the same time frame.Time Warner, too, is saddled with print by way of a huge magazine business. Time Warner is a content company for old people," Cramer says. "I try to get my kids to read magazines and newspapers, but no kids do. It's a tragedy."

He doesn't care too much for book retail either.

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