Sunday, February 24, 2008

Links of Interest

The Dallas DA has released boxes of material relating to the assination of JFK. The Dallas Morning news has launched a crowdsourcing effort to classify and identify the documents. Link. Tip o' hat to Brantley).

I wasn't aware Apple has an iTunes site dedicated to selling educational content to universities and students. Link

Larry Lesig may run for Congress and has launched a Change Congress initiative. (Tip to Hodgkin).

Stephen Fry has launched his Podgrams and also has an enjoyable post about digital cameras.
"Just about everybody who needs a camera has one. What is wrong with that Ixus I bought three years ago? That old Pentax Optio will see me through to my old age, don’t it? No! No, you crazed enemy of freedom, you wild-eyed anti-capitalist, you deranged luddite. Haven’t you heard of Face Detection Technology? Smile Capture? Best Shot Automatic YouTube Uploading?
WorldCat has a blog all to its own.

Shatzkin on horizontal to vertical redux.

Apax is already sniffing around Reed Business Information. Link

Tell this to Harpercollins. Link

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