Saturday, September 29, 2007

Publishing Trends Trends

Publishing trends released the results of their recent survey of publishing persona and reported some interesting but perhaps predictable results,

Not sure which refreshments to serve at your next publishing soirée? Wine and
beer are the safest bets…but it wouldn’t hurt to stash a few joints behind the
bar either.

Publishing Trends emailed the survey early in September to several thousand publishers, agents, booksellers and individuals in related businesses, and received a double-digit response rate that included comments and opinions on a wide variety of topics. Though the survey was anonymous, a significant group of respondents asked to be contacted for more in depth interviews. According to some, publishers lack vision, editors lack taste, managers don’t understand the business, authors exhibit bad behavior, and an Oregonian publisher thinks the industry is “too narrowly focused in NYC.” One VP of Sales and Marketing at a major publisher simply “fears for the future of the biz.”

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