Wednesday, August 15, 2007

SharedBook Launches Partnership with Carepages

I have mentioned Sharedbook a few times recently and they announced today the launch of a partnership with Carepages, Inc. From the press release:

SharedBook Inc., the Reverse Publishing Platform provider, and CarePages, Inc., the leading Internet service for building online health communities, launched the CarePages Keepsake Book today in response to member requests to publish the health updates, photographs and encouraging messages posted in their online CarePages communities in professionally-printed book format. offers free, personal, private Web pages that help family and friends communicate when someone is hospitalized or receiving care. builds communities of support where families and friends can access resources, tools and guidance to learn what to do and say – and how to communicate and care with compassion and sensitivity.

“We hear from hundreds of families each day regarding how has helped them during a time of need,” said Eric Langshur, Chief Executive Officer, CarePages, Inc. “We value our members’ feedback and are pleased to introduce a feature they requested – the ability to preserve their user-generated content in book format.”

Earlier this month ShareBook also announced an enhanced version of their Blog2Print widget which enables easy production of blog content into book form. From the press release"
Blog2Print now automatically flows photographs and other images into blog book format along with the appropriate text, similar to the way content appears online. Additional enhancements include the ability to format more complex blogs. All updates will seamlessly apply to the Blog2Print widgets that have been placed on blogs to date. "Since we first introduced Blog2Print in beta form, bloggers from around the world have been telling us what works, what doesn't and which features they would like to see," said Caroline Vanderlip, Chief Executive Officer, SharedBook Inc. "The feedback we've received from the user community has been invaluable to date, and we hope to learn more as the public beta program continues."
Seeing how SharedBook can turn your blog into book form is incredibly easy. Anyone constructing publishing a blog for a specific event or commemoration requires very little technical skill (if any) to go the next step to produce a book.

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