Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Headline Guaranteed to Get Attention

It is the silly season and there is no less evidence of that in a report from the New York Post's page6 which noted that a new title from S&S will document the required etiquette for orgies and sex games.
"Be accompanied by a trusted boyfriend, girlfriend or friend; bring protection," she advises about orgies. "As a general rule, it is the uglier men who perform the best, simply because they have more to prove." She also recommends three New York City sex clubs.
(I don't have the addresses).

Curiously, in the title description on there is no mention of the above chapter.
Twenty-first-century women are called upon to perform any manner of tasks, recall even the most random bits of information, and all the while carry on a charming conversation. Thankfully, from historian and British television personality Francesca Beauman comes this indispensable and authoritative survival guide that will allow women to tackle any problem and work any party with ease, style, and grace. Everything But the Kitchen Sink is a compendium of delightfully witty facts, figures, diagrams, lists, charts, quotes, and practical advice. True, you may not ever need to know how to roast a hedgehog, treat a shark bite, or say "No, thank you. Please leave me alone" in Russian. But isn't it good to know you can?
Looks like anyone buying this book is in for a surprise.

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