Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More Borders News

Aside from another high profile resignation, a few media journals (MW, TD) are reporting that Borders are offering first chapters via mobile phone. Interesting news strangely unmentioned in the WSJ interview earlier in the week. Here is a review from slashgear;

If Borders can keep up with (and hopefully extend) their promised thirty a month then that, together with the savings available (which brings prices in line with online stores) could see the service succeed. Before then, however, I’d like to see a little more clarity for first-time and novice users, who have been exposed to so much “fear the internet!” melodrama that they might not get past the first download warning.

Looks like an interesting concept; it will be even more interesting when the entire book is on a mobile which has happened in Japan. (Yes, big in Japan).

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