Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Educational Text Book Bias: The Winners Get to Write History

We are not unfamiliar with 'activist' reviewers of textbook content in the US where it is not unknown for a textbook to have different versions depending on which state it is sold. The Lede (NYTimes blog) notes this is not an uncommon issue in international markets and notes a controversy in Israel but also goes on to say,
This seems to go on all over. After communism collapsed in Eastern Europe in the late 1980’s, for example, countries there began rewriting their history texts wholesale, to correct the distortions, omissions and ideological slant introduced by the dictatorships - and some of those efforts were then criticized for going too far in other directions. And such controversies are far from unknown in the United States, where everyone from Native Americans to Hindus have objected to the way they have been treated in some states’ history textbooks.

I read Lies My Teacher Told Me a few years ago and found it most interesting.

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