Tuesday, July 17, 2007

E-Travel Guides Redux

Last week I reported on DK's new participatory travel guides (as well as sharedbook.com) and this week I was referred by Michael Holdsworth to a French publishing company Editis. To date I had not heard of them but they tell the world they are,
Editis is the second-largest publishing group in France, a major player in European publishing, and generally a star of the publishing world. Editis is present in the literature, education and reference publishing sectors, and is also a major player in the distribution field through its Interforum subsidiary.
On their site they offer a view of the digital future. It shows a couple interacting with electronic content that bridges the gap(s) between the physical and digital world. Substitute the visit to Bruges with my imaginary trip to Boston (in my DK article) and their depiction is similar to my imaginary world. The video is in French but as Michael told me 'it hardly matters'.


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