Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weekly Update

As mentioned London Bookfair is next week and posts will be sporadic.

Deal News:
Wicks buys Thomson Education Direct (Distant Learning) Times Tribune
Torstar may be under attack and what of Harlequin? National Post
A possible buyer of the Borders' Australia and New Zealand stores. NZ Herald
Media finance conference in Europe announced. Release
Buyers are less then enthused with Primedia enthusiast magazines. Reuters
Reed Elsevier advised to gear up. The Independent
Nancy McKinstry thinks Germany is ripe for new deals. Reuters
Axel Springer likely to do more deals soon (doubtful in publishing). The Australian

Google News
Lorcan Dempsey linking to comment on Google and Publishers Blog
Adam Hodgkin on publishers grumbling about Google Blog

Harcourt have had a lot of problems in School academic testing this year. Casper Trib. ZDNET
Thomson revolutionizes marketing text Release
There will be more on this: Wikipedea 'broken beyond repair' according to founder. ITNews

Other News:
Penguin obsession Blog
Peter Brantley's lively discussion over a $58 Paperback Blog
Mike Hyatt on Imprints and the decision to do away with them Blog
GalleyCat linking to a Bookseller article about what works here but not there. Blog
Joe Wikert gets all riled up about the logic of Print Blog
Reed Elsevier can't trade mark '' Bloomberg
SmartMoney wonders why no one is excited about Gannett. Smartmoney
The commercial E-Book market is broken. Blog

McGraw Hill Hire Dan Caton as Head of Learning Group Release
New Board Members for SIIA. Release
Riverdeep/Houghton Mifflin announce appointment of President. Release

Man Utd into the Champions League semi-final in style BBC

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