Friday, March 23, 2007

Harlequin: An Augmented Man Is Good to Find

If you happen to be in Toronto this weekend and you are male you may want to try out for the open 'casting call' to be a cover model. Apparently, they are having difficulty finding the right sort of bloke and are going to look beyond the typical modeling agency fodder and take walk-ins. The modelling agency hurdle had always been my biggest obstacle but sadly I am not able to make it to Canada this weekend. Regardless, the rather sizable 'alternate lifestyle' community of Toronto should have some fun with this one. From The National Post:

"Ms. Reynolds also said Harlequin, which typically relies on a male protagonist of chiselled physique for its titles such as Slow Hand Luke and Jack & Jilted, is often looking for more muscular models that her agency typically wouldn't carry. "It's difficult because we only have a limited pool of guys who might be able to--even if they're slightly augmented -- look right. It's easier for us to provide the James Bond guy or the New York, sophisticated-businessman guy."

"Peter Duck, a professor in Ryerson University's School of Fashion, said he was not surprised to learn Harlequin is facing a shortage of manly models, given trends in the fashion industry. "The agencies, I'm sure they're getting this look that's been popular for the last few years, which is very skinny, tall and young."

I swear that was the first cover I came across.

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