Sunday, August 06, 2006

Open World Cat Database Access

You will notice on the side bar a link to the Worldcat database. Worldcat is the bibliographic database of OCLC which represents the book, music, document, etc. collections of over 18,000 libraries around the world. After much debate the nonprofit library cooperative has created a method for individuals to search library collections over the open web. It is a great step forward in opening up these collections and it will also have the effect of encouraging all of the collective's libraries to improve and speed the exposure of their collections. It will in turn drive traffic to their libraries. OCLC is all about improving the discovery and access to their library's collections.

Also, on the side bar is a link to Lorcan Dempsey's blog at OCLC. He is the chief brianiac over there and routinely links to all kinds of important happenings in library land.

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