Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ithaca McDonalds 1968

Ithaca McDonald's, August 1968
Another weekly image from the family archive. Click on it to make it larger.

My father attended summer school at Cornell's Hotel Management school in 1968 and one of his professors worked for Intercontinental. Long story short he suggested they hire him and later in 1968 the family left for the first assignment in Thailand.

In my first family trip to the US (Los Angeles) in 1976, I remember distinctly the itemized number of hamburgers served on the golden arches. I wish I had a comparison photo but I am certain it was ten times this number by then.

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In addition to the images I've posted on Flickr and those I've periodically posted on PND, I have now produced a Big Blurb Book: From the Archive 1960 -1980 of some of the images I really thought were special.

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I have to say, even on the iPad the book looks pretty good.


Tracy said...

Where in Ithaca was this located? The only ones I know about now are on Triphammer Road and on Route 13. Wonderful image!

MC said...

I don't know Ithaca so I can't tell you however the slide immediately preceding this image is the following:

You can see the Macdonald's in the background on the left.

Can you identify it?

Anonymous said...

I was attending Ithaca College in 1964, and this McDonald's was on Route 13 at that time. The fries were made at that location after going through an industial washing machine. Potato skins were left on. To date, the best I've ever had. Hamburger was 19 cents and was mini sized. They had a "McDouble" burger which was excellent, but it just made you more hunger.

Unknown said...

Where the one is out on the Elmira Road (Rt.13) is the same location of the first one in Ithaca. Same spot.