Thursday, June 04, 2020

A Selected List of My Popular Presentations

I have placed many of my public industry presentations and speeches on Slideshare but I thought I would link to some of the more popular posts.  Most of these are available for download but if you have a problem let me know.

The First 100 Days: A template to build your action plan as boss. Views: 24,957 
Digital Transformation: A seminar session for management
Education Publishing: Market Overview (2017)
Views: 7,235
Publishing Market Overview (2008)
Views: 4,461
K-12 Education Market Survey (2018)
Views: 3,712
EdTech Market Overview (2017)
Views: 3,380
SSP: Creating Reusable Content (2013)
Views: 3,347
ALA: Parallel Universe:  Libraries and Publishers (2011)
Views: 3,162
Frankfurt Bookfair: Intelligent Supply Chain (2002)
Views: 2,639
NFAIS: Blockchain Applications for Publishing (2019)
Views: 1,161

More at Slideshare with this link

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