Friday, November 23, 2018

Publishing Technology Software Market Report 2019

My annual publishing software report for 2019 is currently being produced and among a few changes compared with the version last year, I have changed the format of the market map.  As you see below it is now spread over two pages (and I have temporarily dropped some of the membership & association software providers).

For the 2019 edition, I have met in person with many of the companies profiled and I am still completing those interviews.  I expect to complete at least 20 meetings which compares with only a few in 2018.  Last year, I relied on existing market reports, web pages and marketing materials.  In the 2019 report I hope to gain a deeper understanding of the vendors market expectations and business strategy.  This process is going well and I anticipate the final report will be ready by mid-late January.

Vendors covered: Klopotek, Virtusales, Fadel, Real, Lumina, Knk, AdvantageCS, Filmtrack, ScholarStor, Aries and many others.

Analysis Areas Covers: Technology platform, business strategy, marketing and sales positioning, market feedback.

Pricing:  Pre-pub price $990.00  Publication Price $1500.00

Purchased product will be delivered on or around January 21 in pdf format and will include up to  1 hour consulting time (via phone) with Michae Cairns.

If you would like to pre-order the 2019 report for $990.00 (versus the publication price of $1,500.00) use this button to purchase and I will also provide you with a copy of the 2018 version.

PURCHASE NOW 2019 Report

In the meantime, if you would like to purchase the 2018 report separately I am offering this report for $299.00 (versus the pub price of $1500).

Simply click on this button to be taken to the purchase page.

PURCHASE NOW 2018 Report

Here are the draft versions of the market maps for the 2019 version of my report:

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