Friday, October 08, 2010

Media Week (Vol 3) 42a: Frankfurt 2010 from the Show Dailies

There were dueling show dailies at the FBF this year and between the three of them they may have been able to pull together a decent single issue each day.

Both The Bookseller and Publishing Perspectives had pdf versions of their show dailies and their content isn't yet (or maybe never) separately available on their sites. Publishers Weekly/ BookBrunch also had a show daily but I had no luck finding the show daily content I was looking for on their websites. If it was there it was buried.

(As an aside, I was bemused that PW had a lead story on day two about the $100mm HMH fund for learning that I mentioned a month ago).

(And I do realize the images look like they were taken out a prison window).

Day One

The Bookseller Daily- Day 1
Tour de Force (Pg 21)

Events have helped the music industry cope with digitization. But, Anna Coatman asks, can author tours ever become a viable revenue stream for books?

Going Native (Pg 23)

The generation that has grown up with digital represents a challenge for academic publishers.

E(uro) Files (Pg 8)

Price maintainance, some EU laws and high VAT rates mean digital still hasn't caught fire in some European markets.

Publishing Perspectives:

Money For Nothing, And Your Pics For Free - Gwyn Headley on how Ebooks are finally embracing color images, but how much should you pay for them? (Pg 11)

Day Two:

The Bookseller Day 2

New Model Army (Pg 13)

Perhaps today's biggest publishing challenge is how to repurpose and monetise digital content.

Publishing Perspectives Day 2:

Hunting for E-books Around the Globe: American bookseller Barnes & Noble’s Patricia Arancibia is in search of the best the world has to offer. (Pg 15)

Day Three:

The Bookseller Day 3

Up to 3mm searches per day for pirated eBooks. (Pg 4)

Publishing Perspectives Day 3:

Why Publishers Need Agile Content (Pg 10)

Clearing the Air about Copyright: Users need education, rights-holders need to get paid. (Pg 11)

The American Gentleman: At first publisher Roger Straus was reticent to come to Germany for a book fair, but once he did, the legendary publisher made friends, struck deals, and left a lasting legacy. (Pg 12)

Scheherazade in the App Store: Can Digital Free Arabic Publishers. (Pg 15)

The Future of Rights: Digital publishing raises countless rights issues, but work towards
a universal international framework for clearances is beginning. (Pg 16)

Moscow at Night: Is there such a thing as Russian noir and could it be the next big thing? (Pg 19)

All in all Publishing Perspectives seemed to have a more expansive and interesting selection of stories than either The Bookseller or Publisher's Weekly. (IMHO of course). Here are all PW's Frankfurt posts.

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