Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ford Prefect Warwickshire 1963

Ford Prefect, Warwickshire 1963
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I really like this photo. This is a Ford Prefect 107E and the first car my parents bought after they got married. They tell me they were traveling back from Leamington, where I was born, to Manchester to see the parents. I must be in the back seat. You can just about see my Mother on the other side of the open door. My father is still convinced that Ford's never start first time in the cold and it must come from this time because he tells me he used to put a heater under the bonnet to warm the engine up before he tried to start it. Why he came up with this is anyone's guess but the funny thing is one day he left the heater on too long and it burned a perfectly round segment of paint off the top side of the bonnet. He said it looked like some type of decal or logo had been removed from the hood. I suspect he stopped doing that but it didn't stop him complaining that Ford's don't start in the cold.


Nadine Freischlad said...

would you believe I've been a Dougles Adams Fan all my life and I did not know Ford Prefect is actually refers to a specific car model. Well, now i know!

PersonaNonData said...

I am always happy to help where I can