Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hiatt at Count Basie Theater in Red Bank

John Hiatt rocks and in the show at The Count Basie Theater in Red Bank last week he put on a typically professional and intimate show. Backed by "The Combo" - which is actually three tried and true old hands, the group ran through many of Hiatt's standards and mixed in half an album worth of new material. The same evening the band performed on Letterman and according to John he got the call the day before: 'Say, would you guys like to come on the show tomorrow night'. Letterman seems to be a fan and has had Hiatt on the show a few times. Letterman once asked Pete Townshend about 'smashing is guitar' which is the subject of a great Hiatt tune Perfectly Good Guitar. Mr. Townshend was untypically clueless.
Oh it breaks my heart to see those stars
Smashing a perfectly good guitar
I don't know who they think they are
Smashing a perfectly good guitar
He played that one as well but no smashing guitars this time.

Here is a link to a free download of one of his new tracks.

Some photos from the evening:

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