Monday, January 11, 2010

BISG Webinar: Book Server from the Internet Archive

BISG has a few webinars coming up, and the first is one featuring Book Server from the Internet Archive.

Following is a description of the presentation and here is the registration link.
The high-volume digitization efforts of many, in concert with an increasing number of e-book reading devices, has accelerated reader desire to find, buy or borrow digital books in a way that is web-based, user-friendly and transparent.
In October 2009, The Internet Archive, in concert with O'Reilly Media, Threepress, Feedbooks, OLPC, Adobe, the Book Oven, and many others, announced development of an open specification that provides a web-based, mobile-friendly mechanism for distributing digital books.
The specification is called "BookServer"...and it's really shaking things up.

For the first time, BookServer's open architecture makes it possible for anyone to make digital book content available in online search independent of which search engine the reader uses and regardless of which e-book reading device he or she prefers.

During this presentation, two of the those closest to the BookServer project will explain its genesis and vision, discuss the components of the BookServer architecture, and highlight opportunities for publishers, distributors, and aggregators to expand the reach of their digital content in today's burgeoning mobile and e-book landscape.

To learn more about BookServer, visit:

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