Monday, October 19, 2009

Images of Afghanistan

The NY Times found some images from Kabul sent in by journalists - not photographers -taken in the 60-70s. (NYT)

Mr. Salisbury’s evocative and smartly composed photos, taken in and around Kabul in 1961, were among the surprising images that greeted Darcy Eveleigh, a Times photo editor, as she peered into old file cabinets in the photo archive to find illustrations for Elisabeth Bumiller’s article on Afghanistan before 1978 in the Week in Review.

“When I opened up the folders, I was floored,” she said. In contact sheet after contact sheet, print after print, Afghanistan’s golden era of stability had been recorded for The Times by staff members better known for their bylines as correspondents: A. M. Rosenthal, Ralph Blumenthal and William Borders among them.
The PND archive is also throwing up some interesting images - although the photographer in this case wasn't particularly skilled. (Flickr)

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