Friday, March 20, 2009

Playboy Archive Launched on the Web

If you are looking to read some really great articles, short stories and profiles, well your boat just came in.

My friends at Bondi Digital have launched the playboyarchive which covers the years 1954 to 2007 of one of the iconic brands in publishing and media. Each edition appears as it did when published, complete with articles and advertising and there's even some photography! The company behind this effort - Bondi Digital, has a growing track record in taking the archives of well-known magazines and creating a database and visual representation of the original verison. Launched under the Cover-to-Cover brand, the company has done this with The New Yorker, Playboy and Rolling Stone. Each of these titles was orginally published on DVD form and packaged together with a companion book. In the case of Playboy, the original idea had been to launch the Playboy collection by decade and Bondi began that process 2 years ago with the 1950s issues.

In addition to launching the Playboy web version they have also announced that they will launch a similar online archive using the Rolling Stone content. Currently access is free to the archive and they don't have current plans to charge.

I interviewed David Anthony one of the company founders just after they completed the first Playboy DVD - here.

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