Sunday, August 17, 2008

GB Gold Overflow

Just an unbelievable performance by the Great Britain team over the weekend. Four gold medals on both Saturday and Sunday has pushed us up to the heady heights of third on the medal table. We're running just ahead of Michael Phelps. And it's not over yet.

How good a Games has this been for Team GB? Well, a gold today will make this our most successful since 1920. The 11 collected so far matches our total in Sydney in 2000. We are well on course to make this our second best Olympics ever. BBC

Best of British: 1908 (London): 55 golds

1900 (Paris): 14 golds

1920 (Antwerp): 14 golds

2000 (Sydney): 11 golds

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Adam Hodgkin said...

Well it now stands at 15 for the UK and 25 for the US. But if you take away the remarkable Phelps tally of 8 (it is a bit of an advantage to have such a phenomenon in your team), the UK is creeping up on the US. Go Brits Go!