Friday, August 01, 2008

Amazon Buys ABE Books

In a deal likely to further infuriate publishers, The Bookseller is reporting that Amazon has agreed to by ABE books a second hand and rare book seller.

Russell Grandinetti, vice president of books for, said that the acquisition would add "breadth and expanded selection" to the company's customers. "AbeBooks provides a wide range of services to both sellers and
customers, and we look forward to working with them to further grow their business. We're excited to present all of our customers with the widest selection of books available any place on Earth."

Hannes Blum, AbeBooks' chief executive, said he was "very excited" about the acquisition. "This deal brings together book sellers and book lovers from around the world, and offers both types of customers a great experience," he said.

Many of the retailers that participate in the ABE network may already participate in the Amazon network nevertheless this will solidify the persistent mingling of new and second hand titles that publishers have grown to loath. Amazon purchased another second hand and antiquarian book network (may have been more of a search tool) name biblio(something - can't recall) which established their early position in this segment but the acquisition of ABE will radically broaden their reach. Where this leaves Alibris is also of interest. Will they see a need to merge with a larger retailer. We all know Steve Riggio likes old books....

Librarything notes the deal as well and points out Amazon will have a stake in their company.

Hat tip: Brantley (again)

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