Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Publishing Technology Rumor

From the TimesOnline:
Publishing Technology, which sells software and consultancy services to book publishers, managed to lift its hard-pressed shares last week with a contract win. They were flat at 0.7p yesterday despite talk that it was set to reveal a share consolidation and the imminent launch of its “iTunes for books” software, allowing books to be downloaded as easily as music

Some may know PT as Vista.

And from The Independent:
The tiny company, which has a market capitalisation of less than £6m, has hitherto concentrated on providing an online service for academic publishers...the group is preparing for some innovative online expansion. As you read this, the firm is trialling a product that it reckons will be a cross between Apple's iTunes and a YouTube for books. The chief executive, George Lossius, said the technology will allow publishers to sell parts of books, say a recipe, or the whole thing. Moreover, publishers will be able to market particular authors and genres to particular customers. Mr Lossius admitted that some of the bigger publishers are probably already planning to do it themselves, but Publishing Technology might well be left alone to scrap for some of those lucrative smaller deals.

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