Sunday, July 06, 2008

Media Week27

Some headlines from the week in media June 30 - July 6.

Penguin Blog: Nick Hornby bemoans both e-books and the lack of interest in reading.

Radar Online: Gawker media keeps lowering their pay scales.

Bloomberg: Reports on the rapidly rising cost of newsprint. As if news wasn't bad enough in newspapers.

Reuters: Security Analysts following the newspaper industry are abondoning ship as well.

Forbes: Axel Springer are on the look out for acquisitions.

SF Gate: Is a Kindle to books as an iPod is to tunes?

Telegraph: Review of a book about 'the grandest name in [British] publishing' John Murray

Open Access News: Latest bruhaha in Journals publishing regarding Open Access Publisher Public Library of Science.

Private Equity Hub: Reed offering sweatener for Reed Business Deal

TimesOnline: Newspaper publisher Trinity Mirror may cut dividend after dropping its share buy-back program

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