Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hail Mary

Both Zondervan and Thomas Nelson are being sued by a gay man who claims versions of the bible sold by these publishers refer to homosexuality as a sin and as a result directly violate his constitutional rights and have caused him emotional pain and mental instability. To say nothing of society. One might assume it is difficult to put a price on this pain (and instability)but Mr. Bradley LaShawn Fowler has assessed the damage at $60mm for Zondervan and a measly $10mm for Nelson. (He hasn't even murdered anyone and he is getting the full barrelled name treatment - perhaps because it is so colorful - I mean Bradley LaShawn WTF?)

You know the plot twist in Law & Order when the defendent decides to represent himself? That's when you know the guy is whacked and he's going down. BLF is defending himself. After refusing to appoint an attorney in his case against Nelson the judge said, "The Court has some very genuine concerns about the nature and efficacy of these claims." As part of his "brief", BNF claims, (USAToday)

because Zondervan's text revisions from a 1980s version of the Bible included, and then deleted, a reference to homosexuality in 1 Corinthians without informing the public of the changes.

The intent of the publisher was to design a religious, sacred document to reflect an individual opinion or a group's conclusion to cause "me or anyone who is a homosexual to endure verbal abuse, discrimination, episodes of hate, and physical violence ... including murder,"

He's got a better chance of seeing Jesus than winning this one. Yet another waste of judicial time and resources. I wonder if Mike Hyatt will be twittering about this one.

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