Thursday, July 17, 2008

All the Pretty Things

Now I am a sucker for a pretty face as much as the next guy and I probably wouldn't have looked at this short article in the NYTimes this morning if it didn't feature the visage of Kelly Wearstler. The short is about her interest in design books and in particular her favorite bookseller in LA:
Her favorite design bookstore in Los Angeles is Potterton Books, tucked inside the Pacific Design Center. (There’s also one in Midtown Manhattan, on Third Avenue near 59th Street.) “I can always find a book that is amazing that I probably haven’t heard of,” she said. Other shops she loves: the Strand in New York and Hennessey and Ingalls Art and Architecture Books in Santa Monica, Calif.
That's the good part - nothing wrong with that.

There is also an 'interactive' link to some selected photos of books. You could be forgiven for thinking that the intimate nature of the book purchase process described by Kelly would be evident in the slide show as well. Not so. In the small catalog of interesting design titles the NYT supplies links to your favorite - far from intimate - on-line bookseller only one of which is Potterton. Huh? Since Kelly mentions other stores why not use them; especially the Strand, which for the record has a huge selection of design and architecture titles.

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