Sunday, June 15, 2008

Informa and UBM - Update

Informa and UBM are in discussions about a possible merger. It is anticipated that a financial player may enter the ring and compete and currently Apax is the likely contender (Independent).

Meanwhile the TimesOnline has a profile of Peter Rigby Informa's CEO:
No wonder colleagues say Rigby is different. “Peter’s an Alka-Seltzer dropped into water,” says Derek Mapp, Informa’s senior non-executive director. “You can’t imagine him ever sitting still.” You can’t imagine him ever sacking anyone, either. He’s too nice. The smile is handsome, the eyes twinkle, he cracks jokes with flat, near-Manchester vowels. “Born in Southport, now part of Merseyside, but proud to call myself a Lancastrian,” he laughs. Beneath, there must be a flintier core. The son of a painter and decorator, Rigby has built Informa into one of the biggest conference organisers in the world, and a leading technical publisher with titles including Lloyd’s List among its jewels.

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