Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ian Fleming

There is an exhibit opening at the Imperial War Museum this weekend on Ian Fleming and James Bond. There have been several news reports about Fleming and Bond (aside from the new book by Sebastian Faulks). Here are some links to those items:

Telegraph: Joseph Connolly got hooked on 007 when he was 12 and has been busy collecting the novels - from paperbacks to first editions - ever since. Here he provides a bookworm's guide. (I did something of the same thing last year: "Noting the release of the latest James Bond movie Casino Royale, the December issue of Rare Book Review included a spread on first editions of all the James Bond books. Collecting true first editions of the set is likely to set you back $150,000. (Sniff...time for that raise). What is useful about the article is that each edition is described so that should you come across one of these at a local thrift store you will know what to look out for").

TimesOnline has an interactive exploration of the exhibit.

International Herald Trib: Ian Fleming, had he lived, would have celebrated his 100th birthday on May 28. James Bond, his greatest invention, is probably a bit younger, strictly speaking (the evidence in the books is a little contradictory) - except that Bond, of course, is ageless and immortal. Never mind those three packs a day; he has wind to spare. His liver, astoundingly, is still holding up. He has survived not only Fleming but Kingsley Amis and John Gardner, who, among others, kept on publishing Bond novels in Fleming's stead.

Times Online: Bond never goes out of fashion.

For the insatiable: CommanderBond.net

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