Friday, June 20, 2008

Food, Style and Felony

Apparently Martha Stewart will be denied entry into the UK if she attempts to travel there for some business meetings in the next several weeks. The denial stems from her conviction for lying to investigators over stock purchases she made back in 2004. A spokesperson commented that Martha loves England and hopes the matter can be resolved.

This was just too funny to miss. BBC


Anonymous said...

ansblohThe word "Felony" was invented by the British. In the United States if a person is convicted of a "crime" whose possible sentence carries more than one year in Jail, he or she gets the reward of being labeled "Felon" no matter how minor the offence is.
Like shoplifting,bouncing a chech or not returning a book to the library,just to mention a few.
This colonial term should be removed from our judicial system without delay.
Martha Stewart poses no danger to nobody in the UK or elsewhere and should have been allowed to enter the country.
Shame on those who made the decision to keep her out while millions of third world criminals are running the show in the UK.

PersonaNonData said...

Try arguing that with the guy that bought the stock she sold.