Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shatzkin Speeches Posted

Mike Shatzkin informs me he has just posted on his website four talks delivered this year (three of them somewhat belatedly). Mike noted, "There is definitely a good deal of repetition here, but there is also a distinct slant to each piece. For those of you who are not gluttons for punishment, I'd suggest the one, delivered on Wednesday, May 7, 2008 in Copenhagen. The one titled The End of General Trade Publishing Houses is a completely rewritten version of an earlier version some of you may have read. The other two are described sufficiently below."

May 7, 2008 to Danish publishers and booksellers in Copenhagen on the Future for Publishers and Booksellers: Here

April 16, 2008 to UK publishers at London Book Fair, summarizing US state of affairs reporting on "The State of Digitization in the US": Here

March 10, 2008, "Publishing in the Digital Age" panel participant remarks at Book Business Conference and Expo: Here

January 22, 2008, rewritten reprise of "The End of General Trade Publishing Houses", to Random House's "Digital Day": Here

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