Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bridge Tagged With ISBN

When I first became involved with ISBN's I heard and received a lot of grief about ISBN's applied to non-book items like rulers and teddy bears and so involved did I become with the ISBN agency that I sometimes joked that I would apply for my own number and have it tatooed on the back of my neck. Happily, that never happened. Tagging a bridge with an ISBN is something that few of us would have anticipated. This is doubly concerning because this is a clear re-use of an existing number which is a big no-no in ISBN land. From the Torontoist:
It seems that some Toronto taggers are no longer content to scrawl their own names on blank concrete canvases around the city and are trying instead to make more of a cultural statement. Last year, references to composer Gustav Mahler popped up in several places around town. This year, a more cryptic stencil has appeared on the Humber Bay Arch Bridge, boldly proclaiming "ISBN 486-28495-6" for all to see and ponder. This International Standard Book Number turns out to be a paperback edition of Henry David Thoreau's Walden; Or, Life in the Woods.

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Anonymous said...

Further confirmation of Toronto as the new global centre for publishing standards.