Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Fake (With Branding)

JK Rowling can't catch a break. The Guardian blog points to an infraction by Bloomsbury but does so by using the name of Rowling to draw attention, thus;
The latest of these comes from JK Rowling's publisher, Bloomsbury, which was due to publish on May 5 a new biography of Louis XIV's mistress and "secret wife" Madame de Maintenon, by Veronica Buckley.

Turns out Ms. Buckley quotes a document in her book that was outed as a fake a number of years ago. The publisher is recalling the title as they were notified of the error during the review cycle. While there is no 'crime' here on the order of some of the more recent fakery and Bloomsbury is recalling the title, it still points to the rather shoddy fact(less) checking that seems not to occur. It appears that it was well known that this document was a fake.

But what does Rowling have to do with this? Some in the comments section noted the same thing.

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