Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Golden Moment In The History Of TV News

There will be more no doubt, but imagine waking up Monday morning as Governor and going to bed on Wednesday as Citizen Schmuck. There again every cloud has a silver lining: waking up Monday morning as Citizen Afterthought and going to bed on Wednesday as Governor of New York ain't so bad.

Little noted was that the tri-state areas has hit the trifecta in disreputable governorship. In CT the past Governor is in jail, McGreevy in New Jersey resigned in disgrace as a "gay American" (every time I hear that it makes me laugh) and now Eliot Mess.

The whole wife thing continues to amaze me. My wife doesn't attend my business meetings and as Sam Bee on Comedy Central said last night if as wife you do attend one of your husbands meetings you might want to miss the one that is a festival of your own humiliation. She also said, if anything he should have brought the hooker to the conference after all that's who we all want to see.

Isn't it ironic that as the publishing world was navel gazing about the latest plagiarist, this story broke with a plot so outlandish that even Jeffery Archer couldn't have come up with it. Imagine an agent trying to sell this to a publisher; - No really, this is absolutely true. We've done all the checks. I know the guy. - They would be laughed out of the office - I think.

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