Thursday, March 27, 2008

Clipping Service

NY Magazine takes a look at British author/artist Graham Rawle who has constructed a book entirely from the clippings of Women's World magazine. The concept wouldn't be unfamiliar to a six year old but his application is sophisticated and impressive. In reading his noted points to the image, you get a glimpse of his process. Some of the plot characteristics were a direct result of what elements (words and phases) were in the text of the articles. For example, he picks 'Hands' as a surname because the word is frequently used in the magazine.

A mash up of the first order: One wonders how something like this could be constructed in a web environment.

In my comment to the article I said the following:

What about copy editing? Reading this I was amused by the thought of some exasperated editor trying to reword or add punctuation. Would they need their own inventory of clippings? Not something the average six year old would be unfamiliar with but a really interesting application

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