Monday, March 03, 2008

Barnes & Noble Launches Studio

Barnes & Noble announced the launch of a multimedia site on B& that will feature a range of original content about books, readers and writers, and showcase web video series and other multimedia content about varied aspects of literature, complemented by user-generated material. Barnes & Noble Studio will launch with Barnes & Noble Tagged! and Book Obsessed as the first in a series of original productions and content initiatives.

From the press release:
Barnes & Noble Tagged!, hosted by Molly Pesce, is a magazine-style weekly web series that takes an upbeat look at what’s happening in the book world. The five-minute weekly show will let book-loving viewers know what new titles to look out for and will reveal the stories behind recent book news. The show will also feature an interactive poll where viewers can cast their vote on the chosen topic of the week. Ms. Pesce is a book lover herself with a penchant for real-life adventure books. She is currently writing her own account of modern motherhood and will be familiar to viewers from her role as the host of shows on Animal Planet and NBC’s iVillage Live. The program is produced for Barnes & Noble by Allen/Nee Productions.

Book Obsessed takes a five-minute look at passionate readers and their world through the books they love. The first episode in the weekly documentary-style series spends a day at the home of Laurie Gold of Dallas, Texas, who loves romance novels – and only romance novels. The second episode features Joe Perlman, a man who has a mere 35,000 books in his Long Island home. The third features a married couple that met at a mystery novel convention. To complement these portraits of book aficionados, Barnes & Noble Studio will invite viewers to upload short videos about their own book obsessions for inclusion into the Book Obsessed channel. Submissions can be made starting March 10. Book Obsessed is produced for Barnes & Noble by City Lights Media and is shot on location around the USA.

The company states that at launch there will be approximately 700 video and audio pieces on the site and that the new slate of programming will join the already considerable content on the B&N site. This existing content includes interviews and live in-store presentations from stores around the country.

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Laurie Gold said...

That's not quite true...I don't only love romance novels, but the focus of the piece was to be my love of romance novels. BTW, they've not yet made this change, but I participated in this video less as a blogger and more because I run a website called All About Romance that just celebrated it's tenth year online. And our staff, like me, read all sorts of books, but like me, their favorites are romances.

TTFN, Laurie Likes Books aka Laurie Gold