Friday, February 08, 2008

Innovation in Publishing

BISG and The Idea Logical Company have started what we think is a very exciting project, which will culminate in the program for Making Information Pay on May 9. We are trying to understand the nature and impact of "experimentation and innovation" in publishing in the digital age—both in attitudes and in practice.

As part of the project we want to collect data via a broad survey on what is now taking place in terms of experimentation and innovation. Using information obtained in the survey, we will then research and write up 8-10 case histories – accounts of experiments that have been tried, whether or not they were deemed to have "succeeded". The findings will be presented at the event on May 9.

We would like your help with this project by completing the survey.

The survey is now open and is available on Survey Monkey for voluntary participation, which we hope will be widespread, at your company and all others. To take the survey, please use the following link:

The link in this email will work ONCE. The survey, which should take you about 10 minutes to complete, closes on February 21. Please note that the information obtained in the survey will be treated confidentially and no individual responses will be divulged.

We also hope to see you at Making Information Pay in New York City on May 9. Please register for the event at

Thank you in advance for your help with the survey.

Best wishes.


Michael Healy
Executive Director
Book Industry Study Group.

Telephone: 646 336 7141.

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