Friday, December 21, 2007

Year in Stats & Popular Posts

By way of thanks to all my loyal readers I thought I would list some of the stats for the blog. I am not sure how 'auditable' these stats are but between google/analytics and feedburner there is some consistency. Currently I have nearly 800 subscribers via RSS and over 100 via email. During the year I had approximately 30,000 visits which resulted in 45,000 page views. On average, those who browsed the content spent 2.25 mins per page. Nearly all of this growth happened since May.

The top label (subject) was 'thomson'. Rounding out the top five were playboy, future of biblio, Harcourt and Educational Publishing. Seasonally, I had my heaviest traffic during the summer when the education publishers were in play. Thomson, Harcourt, Houghton, McGraw Hill and OCLC all provided the most traffic other than that delivered via commercial operators like Comcast, Roadrunner, etc. Top referring sites included the normal suspects: Google, Blogger, Technorati. Additionally, I thank Charblog, Eoin Purcell, Exact Editions, Schlagergroup, Bill Trippe, Lorcan Dempsey, Ed Champion, The Millions, Gladys Bembo , Teleread and PW for their support. (I don't do enough to return the favors and I hope to do better).

The most popular blog posts were:

Amazon & Self Publishing, Headline Guaranteed to Get Attention, Penguin Sued over Dot Parker, High Voltage: Australian Publishers Upset, Five Questions with Rosetta Solutions, Harpercollins reports Higher Revenues, .epub: What it means for Publishers, Endorsement for PND, Scholastic, the future, Five Questions with Lonely Planet.

Perusing my traffic reports, I always notice the 'Hilton hotel' or 'Marriott' network ids and think some poor shlepper is on the road and all they want to do is read my humble blog. Well, thanks to all of you stuck in some bland hotel getting your Personanondata fix. I appreciate it and I've been there myself.

The network addresses throw up other interesting items such as spelling mistakes. It always makes me smile when I see my friends from "Nielson" have come to visit. I always say, one thing you should always be able to do correctly is spell your name.

Search strings are another source of (my) amusement. Here is a sample of actual searches that landed on my site from the past 30 days:

“non german or non chinese customer who engage in electronic commerce”
"Motor Mouth barnsley”
"who is an actor"
"supply chain for a gym”
"2007 2008 email contact of chear holders in france”
"Mr. Katz is in the widget business. He currently sells 2 million”
"escorting for dummies”
"Local news on the 7 October 1997 in London”

While for obvious reasons I hope these people left my site disappointed there is a reason I look at these queries because they often throw up leads for blog posts.

I hope next year is even bigger. Thanks for the support and please tell colleagues, friends and family members about the site.

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