Thursday, December 20, 2007

HarperRandomCollins or RandomHarperCollinsHouse

Well why not? If Forbes and CNN Money have the same short note suggesting that Bertelsmann is going to buy Harpercollins for a $1.obillion then why not Personanondata? On the suggested deal itself, I am sure Hachette would have something to say about that. Or any media PE oriented group. Maybe CBS would carve off S&S for a combo with Harpercollins. Even the FTC would weigh in once all the booksellers reacted. Anyway, Harpercollins denies any discussions are taking place: But they would wouldn't they. Reuters.

This could make for an interesting new year. With Harpercollins' recent financial performance not comparing well with their own high standard and News Corp's expensive purchase of Dow Jones perhaps there is something to this. On the other hand, Bertelsmann already have a $1billion trade publisher and strategically would they want to invest a $1.obillion in a business with slow (if any) revenue growth and low margins. A better solution, would be to invest in an information business that in the right segment would see fast revenue growth and margins greater than 20%. We will see.

On a related note, Bertelsmann confirmed again that they have no intention of sell Gruner + Jahr. Bloomberg.

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