Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Media Deals Keep Getting Better

The Jordan, Edmiston Group released their quarterly press notice on media deals and the results keep getting better and better - if you are selling. Amidst general worries about personal retirement accounts (mine) and decreased real estate valuations (my ex-neighbor but they deserve it) here we have our industry's bell weather shooting through the roof. JEGI tracked 637 deals and $95billion in value for the first three quarters of 2007 and they say deal value has already far outstripped the total value for all 2006.

JEGI tracks 11 industry segments and the leading segments were Marketing and Interactive Services and Online Media. In both segments the number of deals were up over 50% and the valuations were also up over at least 50% versus 2006. While there were a lot of deals in these segments they were 'small' compared to education where several very large deals resulted in a valuation increase from $387mm in 2006 to $14,239mm this year. There was a similar increase in Information Services.

Laggards in value included Business to Business media, consumer books and Directory and Reference Publishing.

You can read the entire release here.

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