Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Who Will Play Jane?

What caught my eye about this story was that the home of a fictional TV character played by Parker Posey is a 'brownstone' in Hoboken. Her character has a 'cushy job' as a children's editor at Harpercollins. Are there such things because believe me I've looked and I keep coming up empty handed. The reality of the real estate market is such that the ability for a single mid-level editor to own a brownstone in Hoboken transcends fiction just like the outrageously large NYC apartment seen on Friends. Actually, there are a lot of publishing expats living in Hoboken and I recently found out a head of a large trade house moved over from Manhattan recently. So we are on the map and perhaps Parker can contribute to the continued increase in real estate prices. No word on who will play the Jane Friedman character (maybe she will be a walk on) but of all publishing houses it is not surprising that Harpercollins would be the named house in the show.

Hoboken is the global corporate headquarters location for Personanondata and Information Media Partners.

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