Monday, September 24, 2007

Luckily, I am only down $10

My blog of last week (Sept 19, "I know what you said about me yesterday"), challenged marketing and publicity professionals to utilize technology, specificially Technorati , to follow what is being said about their titles in the blogging world. I choose three titles randomly from the Amazon Top 100 and challenged the publishers to find me within 24 hours--for each that did, I'd donate $10 to First Book . The result?

Only Fritz Foy, Senior VP of Holtzbrinck (I chose Middlesex, published by Picador, a Holtzbrinck imprint, as one of the titles), found me. He did it in two days but I still donated the money. It is a good cause, after all.

All publishers could be using tools like this to identify the most influential blogs, maximize marketing budgets by initiating inexpensive blog tours, and provide superior service to their authors. Many are already doing so, and successfully (see New York Times a friend forwarded the article to me). This is a trend to watch.

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