Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Harlequin Make All Titles Available For Download

Perhaps time to clear off some space on your MP3 player as Harlequin announced this week that all their titles will now be available for download. Harlequin has pressed ahead in the last two years or so with a number of aggressive electronic publishing and social networking programs and this is a continuation of that process. The initiative will include every line and every title which is about 120 titles per month.

From the press release:
"Women have embraced eBooks," says Malle Vallik, Director Digital Content & Interactivity. "They demand portability, immediacy, availability, depth, breadth and convenience and, by making our entire front list and exclusive digital editorial available to them, we are meeting that challenge. We are meeting the needs of our current audience and reaching a new and diverse base of readers. Seeking innovative new ways to serve our audience continues to be a Harlequin tradition."

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