Thursday, September 27, 2007

Charkin Goes to Bloomsbury: But What About My Link?

The famous CharkBlog published by Richard Charkin - CEO Macmillan Publishers UK - will be coming to an end as he moves to Bloomsbury Publishing. There he will be executive director responsible for all their operations and he will be a board member. From the press release on his site:
“It is exactly ten years since I accepted the job as Chief Executive of Macmillan and it has been the best ten years of my career. I have been able to work in a company with strong values and traditions owned by a family committed to quality, innovation and autonomy. The decade has seen significant growth in all our diverse areas of publishing and we have been able to do this mainly organically but also with some excellent acquisitions. We are in the middle of a digital revolution and Macmillan has embraced the changes without losing sight of the importance of our authors, our staff, our customers and our history.

He had a link on his site to Personanondata to which I very grateful. I am sure someone else will pick up the Macmillan drum and bang away like Richard and I also believe Richard will start another Blog at Bloomsbury.

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