Thursday, August 30, 2007

Informa Post Strong Results

The Telegraph reports that Informa has raised its half year dividend by 70% as the company consolidates its purchase of Datamonitor. The company said underlying profits rose 24% and revenues grew 10% adjusted for currency movements. In their press release the company said their efforts to establish a stable revenue platform that wasn't subject to economic variables is succeeding with more than 3/4 of their revenues 'visible and renewing' from subscriptions and book sales.

Earlier in the year, analysts suggested that the company had over paid for Datamonitor however management were convinced that price was right and that better management of the company would improve results. Informa noted that Datamonitor revenues were up 62% (with organic growth up 22%) and operating income up 51%. Furthermore, growth on the top line and bottom line is expected to improve further as product sales are integrated further and final cost cutting programs are put in place.

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