Thursday, August 02, 2007

File Under Any News is Good News

Personally, my interest in the Tour Dey France ended the day after Floyd Landis won last year and we found out he was a doper. The feel good story bleed to death. After watching the tour through the Lance years Mrs PND and myself now have no interest; however, we are unique because Versus (candidate for dumbest brand name change of the year) the cable channel is reporting the highest viewship ever. This proves that any news is good PR and notoriety is paramount.


Tamara said...

I understand your disenchantment with the Tour, but I fall into the camp of rejuvenated fans. My husband and I were in Paris for the 2006 finale and took the Landis news hard.

Regardless of what happens in doping, the Tour continues to offer great benefits: beautiful scenery at high speeds and masterful commentary from Phil Liggett.

I look forward to a clean sport in the future, but there is plenty of entertainment in the meantime!

MC said...


I do hope you are right. It is indeed a great event. Phil Liggett is great.