Wednesday, August 01, 2007

E-book Reader for IPhone

Via teleRead an application for the IPhone that enables the reading of over 10000 books on the IPhone.

Adam at Exact Editions will be excited.

Note one of the comments (not sure if it applied to the IPhone or not):
Having played around will all the current iPhone ebook “solutions”,
including the one mentioned here, I’m afraid none of them will really fit the
bill for a serious ebook reader. There are two major problems:
1. Lack of local storage. If the book is stored on a server then the reader is pretty much out of luck in areas of poor cell or wifi coverage.
2. Inconvenience. Reading a book in a browser doesn’t work well because you can’t bookmark your page. Several times I’ve had Safari quit on me and then had to re-open the book and scroll through 250 pages to get to my place. Storing the ebook as part of the url solves the local storage problem, but doesn’t solve this one.

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