Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lego is a Publisher

I had been thinking about the above entry for a number of weeks and over lunch this afternoon someone mentioned that Lego sees themselves as a publisher. The comment had to do with the ability of a consumer to 'build their own robot' with lego blocks. A consumer draws the picture of the robot they want to build and sends it to Lego. Lego create a plan drawing and send it and all the bricks needed to build the robot. Lego then puts the 'new' robot into its online store for anyone to buy. Legos' philosophy is that they 'publish' the ideas of their consumers.
Kinda neat and certainly beats the Legos I used to play with.

In thinking of my blog post, I thought that Lego could be an example of companies using publishing to extend their relationship with consumers. As I researched it, the relationship proved less direct than I wanted but in the process of looking into it I did find this example on Blurb.com.

The creativity of some people is often quite amazing.

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