Friday, July 13, 2007

Amazon works With Kirtas to Digitize Books.

I missed the following announcement from some reason. At Bowker, thought about purchasing one of these Kirtas machines (about $100,000) that scan books without the need to destroy them. The book is placed on a v shaped platform and air is used to turn the pages between scans. Some of you have seen them demonstrated at BookExpo. The companies ,
a collaboration with universities and public libraries to preserve thousands of rare and inaccessible books from their collections and distribute them via BookSurge’s Print-on-Demand service. This collaboration, which will greatly enhance the selection of rare and historic books for sale on and other retail channels, represents a breakthrough approach to digitization and preservation that will ensure the public will have access to these works indefinitely via Print on Demand.
Amazon bought BookSurge about three years ago to bolster their print on demand capacity. Emory University, University of Maine, Toronto Public Library, and Cincinnati Public Library are the first organizations to enter into agreements with Kirtas to make their rare-book collections available via

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